Story Of Office Signage

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The use of signage is increasing with the advancement in human development. There are different categories of signage, for example, billboards, traffic signs, office signage, etc. Good retail signage has come across a tedious evolutionary process, starting from stone and wood, now signage is made of different composite material and add-ons. 

The use of signage is critical for every business. There will be any retail or commercial entity that is not using any signage. Signage provides identification and distinction to them among others. Signage aids people to pinpoint their desired location. Due to the extensive use of signage, the signage industry has foreseen significant growth in recent times. The second most uses of signage after retail is in offices. Office signage constituent a generous share of signage industry and office signage has been made with complex material and designs, presently. 

From the 19th Century to date, signage development has witnessed massive advancement. In the early 19th century, gas illuminated signage was used in London. This signage was the first of their type which can be visual to people even in dark. After the invention of fluorescent tubes, the complexity of signage design also increases. These tubes can be placed in distinctive shapes that allow business owners to design creative signage. In 1940, the introduction of NEON lights revolutionized the signage industry. At that time, practically every business owner was using the NEON signage. NEON lights provide freedom in designing corporate signage Melbourne in multiple colors and shapes.

In this modern Era of signage, signage can be made with different materials as per their utility. The material primarily used for making the structure of signage is acrylic, plastic, stainless steel, Plexiglas, etc. For lighting, NEON lights are still in use but now they have been majorly replaced by LEDs.

Office signage is somehow different from other signage which are used in a retail or hotels. Because office signage works as the company’s logo and identity. Designing office signage is critical to company representation and marketing. Office signage is made with the same materials as of other signage, but they have individuality and uniqueness. Office signage can be installed inside or outside of the building but most of the time they display the same set of characters. Usually companies design office signage which can be used at multiple locations but it conveys the same message everywhere. 

Office signage is equally critical to the company identity, so companies need to have registered trademarks for the signage. Companies will try using the same shape and same message for signage regardless of their placement. Office signage is made with the same material as of other signage material but companies design their signage in more of the commercial way instead of making them outward fancy. Office signage must depict the company’s attitude, culture, and uniqueness. Companies spend a hefty amount of money and time to design office signage, as it will serve as their marketing tool, for the period of their business life.