Simple Ways To Make My Home More Secure

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One of the most worrying occurrences for a home owner is having your home being broken into. Burglaries occur very frequently, despite being in a good neighbourhood. Your home is where you go to escape the trouble of the outside world, and is where you feel safest; therefore it is important to secure your safe-haven from outside uninvited intrusions. Here are a few things you can do to help secure your home;

Doors – The easiest point of access for burglars is through the front door. It is quite ordinary for us to leave the front door unlocked if the house is occupied by family members, and burglars are unlikely to enter your home whilst there are many people at home. It is important to have secure/locked doors especially in the absence of people at your house. If you feel as if your doors aren’t secure enough, you may contact a local locksmith to change the existing door locks to a stronger and safer lock. In addition to the door locks, it’s important to have strong door frames, protected hinges and sturdy wood. Installing peepholes and deadbolts are also highly advisable so that despite the door lock being broken, the deadbolt could prevent the door from opening, and a peephole would allow you to know who the unexpected visitor is before opening your door.

Windows – Another point of access for intruders is through an open window. Although an open window could be of use for you, in case you leave your keys at home, it is important to keep in mind that if you can enter your home through an open window, so can anyone else. In most cases, the latches that accompany the windows are not strong enough; therefore you ought to install key-operated levers. You can opt for laminated or tempered glass in order to withhold more pressure than ordinary window glass planes. Make sure that these changes are done to all windows in your home.

Security systems – You can install basic or smart security systems. The systems could include options such as cameras, motion sensors, alarms and password entry systems. This would make your home a harder target for any burglars. Inside your home you can have a home safe to keep your valuables in to avoid them being stolen in case your home is ever broken in to. It provides extra protection.

In addition to all these methods, another reliable way is to rely on your neighbour too. A good neighbour would be more than willing to keep an eye out for any unusual activities around your home, and would definitely let you know.