DIY Or Outsource Your In-House Lighting?

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Therefore through a little research and effort, you will be able to maintain a homely ambiance through smart lighting while not straining your wallet or the environment. Lighting the home can be a very enjoyable experience if done right. However, if you do not plan or if you lack the time to put the effort, then it could prove to be somewhat disastrous. Therefore, you must be very careful when making decisions regarding the remodeling of the lighting system of your house. There are two main options that many choose from in order to fulfill this task. Outsourcing the task to a Professional lighting company is one way to go while others prefer the hands on approach of Doing it Yourself (DIY!). Whatever approach we take, what we need is a good result based on your respective constraints. So you might want to look into the following factors the next time you are faced with this ll important decision.

Time v Money (The eternal problem)

After all, this choice mainly depends on the all important factors of time and money. What you must know is that while you can get a really good finish through either way, it really depends on whether you have enough money or time. The biggest drawback in doing it yourself is the time that you will eventually have to invest to it. You can look at this from different points of view. While some enjoy the thrill of making your own customized system and in essence tinkering with the little gadgets like and LED driver Australia, some will genuinely not have the time or effort to do so. Though it might cost a bit more to outsource, it will make more sense to do so if the time spent itself is more valuable.


Scale is another very important factor to consider when making this choice. There is a limit of what you can do yourself without technical expertise even when it comes to lighting. Though things are becoming much easier to connect and customize through smart LED bulbs such as the Phillips Hue and Smart home systems such as Amazon echo, it really depends on what you want to achieve. If it is complex lighting structures with techniques such as negative space being used with a wide area of connectivity, then it is prudent to outsource the job to a trained professional to ease the burden.

Type of Decor

Finally it boils down to the type of Decor that requires lighting as well. While you will be able to manage lighting a wall or props such televisions and paintings, it will prove to be a tougher to manage heavy and large objects such as stairs, cupboards and even outdoor lighting. This will require a more complex system of lighting with advanced equipment such as a DMX LED controller to bee used. Therefore you may ant to consider obtaining a helping hand.