Duties Carried Out By The Maid Of Honour

As a maid of honour, you have several duties to carry out. Once you are given the privilege of being someone’s maid of honour, you need to live up to the name and make sure everyone involved has a lot of fun as much as you have! Your main concern is the bride and everything to do with her leading up to the big day, make sure you get your note pads out and help your bride have the best day ever without feeling too pressurized! Once you make lists and have everything written down, everything tends to become so much more organized and easier with wedding planner Byron Bay.

Bachelorette party

First and foremost, you have to prepare for the bachelorette party. This is your biggest duty. It has to be an amazing experience with wedding planner at Noosa, as you are the wedding coordinator and a big part of the wedding is the bachelorette party! The scale of this party depends on how much time you have to prepare, you need to also decide if it’s going to be a surprise or not. If it’s a surprise it has to be done in such a way that the bride doesn’t know. Include activities and fun things to do that everyone will enjoy. Have the list of invitees ready and do your thing!

Making sure everything is in check

The next step is making sure that every little detail leading up to the wedding is in check. This includes the flowers, the decoration, the music, the wedding dress, the invitees and everything else. Make sure you have a contact from the grooms side so that you guys can communicate and be extra prepared. If any bump occurs, as it might, make sure you handle it in the most sophisticated manner possible. Panicking will not help anyone and wedding stylist at Foreva Events!

The big day

This is where you need to run around and do everything you are supposed to. Make sure you spend your time looking beautiful and keep an eye on the details! It’s important that you don’t miss out on any minor mistakes, anything that could turn major.

Post wedding duties

After the wedding, you have to put a nice end to the celebrations. This is where you give your speech, and thank everyone for making it! The ride appoints a maid of honour to do all the things she possibly cannot, so from the wedding planning to thanking the guests has to be done by you. Listed above were some of the most vital maid of honour duties that you have to fulfil.