Driving A Car Safely

Driving a car is not an easy thing. You may be fascinated to drive a car, but you have to keep certain things in mind before driving a car.

You must adjust your seat – You ought to adjust your seat, so that your feet can reach the pedals. You can comfortably do the adjustment of your seat- be it up and down or backward and forward. A few of the cars also have electric controls. But, all the older cars have a latch under the seat, which will let you control the seat’s position. You can get a better idea of adjusting your seat in sessions of efficient automatic driving lessons. Search for a driving school that offers lessons on driving and help its students in getting the much needed licence.

Know about foot pedals – It is a fact that in an automatic car, the two pedals of the car control braking and acceleration. The acceleration pedal is the right pedal. When you will press on the right pedal, the speed of the car will increase. Moreover, the brake pedal is the left pedal and when you will press it, the car’s speed will slow down. If you are left-footed, then you can use your right leg to reach both the pedals. You must not use two feet together to reach both the pedals. An expert driving instructor will help you gaining the right knowledge on foot paddles.

Adjust the mirrors of your car – Do the adjustment of the mirrors of your car to see them in a clear way.  One rear view mirror must be present in your car, which will allow you to see that what cars are coming from the back. Two outside mirrors must be there in a car, so that one can see either side of the car and can protect him or her from the blind spots.

Know about the parking brake – know about the location of the parking brake, which is also known as an emergency brake. When you will pull the emergency brake, it will aid you to lock the car in place, so that the car would not move. Disengage your parking brake before you start to drive.

Seatbelts are significant – Seatbelts must be present in every car. Seatbelts lower the possibility of death or any injury if you meet an accident by chance.

Place your foot on the car’s brake when you are starting to drive the car – When you will turn on your car, it will start to move forward, so you must keep your foot on the brake to prevent this.