Have A Plan!

Before contacting a catering service, make sure you have in your own mind what it is you are catering for. What type of catering you wish to have. Do you want the finger food catering Melbourne to be done on at your home/business, then you have to make sure that you have the facilities they need to be able to prepare the food. A staff kitchen probably isn’t going to cut it. Off premise catering means they will prepare the food and bring it to you. These are the simple questions, next you have to decide do you want to have, a sit down or full service catering at your function or would your prefer a buffet type arrangement. Here again there are some considerations, a sit down or full service may mean the catering service provides the linens, plates, utensils, serving components and does a full clean up afterwards. 

These are generally the more expensive catering options. Just be clear about what you are expecting from the company you use and what you are getting for your money. The buffet style catering also has two different options, when you mention buffet to a catering service it generally means a fully staffed buffet station, which includes all the eating utensils and may include such things as appetizers, entrees, salads, desserts and even beverages. A self-serve buffet is another thing, you have to provide utensils, the flat wear and even in some cases some of the food. Have a menu already set so that when you talk to the service you are thinking of hiring you can get an idea of how they can accommodate you, don’t be too rigid, and be prepared to negotiate on what meals to serve. Go right here if you are looking for the best catering services for your event.

If they are a good catering service they should be able to prepare a fairly normal menu plan. Monkey brains in pea soup not so much but you never know shop around, continue reading this. Make sure you confirm your times of delivery, if you are having a bar what time it opens and closes, what time staff will be arriving and what time your meals will be served. This is not only for you to have your function run smoothly but to give the staff plenty of warning as to when each event in your function is occurring. Staff can only be as good as the instructions they receive, so be clear.

There would be nothing worse than the catering service turning up two days early because you weren’t clear about your dates. For this reason, ring a couple of days ahead of the event to reconfirm all the details, this gives you peace of mind and clears up any errors that may have been made. One last piece of advice make sure of your guest numbers and it is better to have too much than not enough, you can always eat leftovers. Have fun with your event, leave the stress to the catering service and no yelling at the staff.