Different Types Of Attorneys.

All of us need help with lawyers at some point of our lives. Depending on our need we opt for different types of attorneys. Below are a few examples of the types of attorneys and a discussion on what they do. 

Public interest attorneyA public interest attorney helps the society by offering service to individuals who cannot afford legal representation. They work through legal aid organisations or other non-profit organisations. Their salaries are often very less because they work thorough non-profit organisations and government agencies.  

Government attorneys They work in different sectors of the government such as local, federal, state and many other. Within a certain level they will work for a specific agency. For example in the federal level some attorneys will work under the federation bureaucracy of investigation and some will work in another agency. 

Private sector attorneys They work for private law firms and can be specialised in various client needs. For example, divorce lawyers in Sydney aid in all legal aspects related to dissolution of a marriage. 

Estate planning attorneys These solicitors are involved with legal documentation of wills, trusts, and deeds ensuring the transfer of the right of property when the client is deceased or gets incapacitated. They are also involved with tax implications. 

Criminal law attorneys Criminal law attorneys can be either prosecutor or defence. Prosecutors represent the government of the country and try to prove the criminal charge against the accused while the defence represent the accused and try to either prove them innocent or get a lesser punishment. This type of attorneys is what is commonly observed in the entertainment that we watch. They usually spend a lot of time in the courts and interact a lot with other attorneys and judges. Their job is anything but dull. 

Real estate attorneys A commercial property lawyer can fall under this category and is responsible for transfer of rights to property or land from one owner to another. They help to close real estate deals and ensure all legal implications regarding the matter.As it is observed, there are attorneys for almost any aspect of a legal problem. Make sure to get their service as appropriate for your problem and make your life easy. dispute-resolution